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What is SuperChats?

Superchats is a Premium version of Venom, it connects via socket and does not depend on opening a browser to consume WhatsApp. This version is stable and does not suffer from WhatsApp changes like the opensource version, it has our support and has plans for Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual periods.

What is the difference between SuperChats and Venom Bot?

SuperChats is a production-ready library with full support, is not community-maintained and does not rely on long waits for any Whatsapp bug or update to be fixed. SuperChats does not depend on opening a browser or injecting scripts to control Whatsapp functions, it uses direct communication to the Whatsapp Web socket, thus making it a lightweight, secure and stable library.

Are There Any Limitations?

SuperChats has no limitations, it can be used in several projects with a single license, as mentioned ABOVE, it does not depend on a browser and is very fast and stable , ready to be put into production in your projects.

How do I Acquire a License?

You can purchase your license now Clicking Here! you will be redirected to our portal and there you will be able to purchase your license, paying via the payment method chosen payment, the license is generated after payment confirmation.

Do I have Support?

Yes, after purchasing your license you will have full support via: Ticket, Whatsapp, Support Group or Email, with full support from one of our Devs, who will be on standby to help clarify all your doubts and resolve any problem related to the SuperChats library.

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